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This is a gallery of Famous Verryt people.

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Gallery One Gallery Two

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Look  eyes.gif (640 bytes) Delaney is born eyes.gif (640 bytes)

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Look  eyes.gif (640 bytes) Ma's 90th Birthday Gallery eyes.gif (640 bytes)

Click on the cake picture!!

More Cake and Dinner

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Look  eyes.gif (640 bytes) Reagan is born eyes.gif (640 bytes)

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 eyes.gif (640 bytes) Kara and Brad's Wedding eyes.gif (640 bytes)

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Look eyes.gif (640 bytes) Sophia is born eyes.gif (640 bytes)

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Look eyes.gif (640 bytes) Jonah is born eyes.gif (640 bytes)

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 eyes.gif (640 bytes) Becky and John's Wedding eyes.gif (640 bytes)

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Look Kara's 21st Birthday Celebration

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eyes.gif (640 bytes)  Look  eyes.gif (640 bytes)

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Anne & Ed's 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration!!

eyes.gif (640 bytes)  Our Trip to Belize eyes.gif (640 bytes)

eyes.gif (640 bytes)  Our Trip to Jamaica eyes.gif (640 bytes)  

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Where did John and Joan's Young Family Verryt Family 1956 come from?

 eyes.gif (640 bytes)  ~~ Olde Family Picture Show ~~ eyes.gif (640 bytes)

  eyes.gif (640 bytes)  Eddy & Ma - 1954  eyes.gif (640 bytes)  

Yes!! We have the 1998 famous group shot Verryt Family 1998

 eyes.gif (640 bytes) The 50th Wedding Anniversary eyes.gif (640 bytes)

 Pa's 80th Birthday!! eyes.gif (640 bytes)

eyes.gif (640 bytes) The 51st Wedding Anniversary

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Take a peek at John plays guitar for usJohn's world

John's College Graduation!!

We have a special place for Kara Kara 2/02

Kara's graduation from UNH - Pierce Law!!

Kara's graduation from Tulane

 eyes.gif (640 bytes) Kara's High School Graduation

....Here's a picture of Kara with some of her cousins ....

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  July and August Summer Vacation!!!!

Here's First Day of School Fall 2000 and Fall 2001 

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Kara's 1999 OM Team: FIRST (Regional) and SECOND (State)!!

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John's Bands: Mile 41 - visit their web site, download their music!!

Memories of Vermont:  and listen here
Click on the latest band website:  


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3 Famous Verryt Brothers
........(shown in order of height)........

3 Brothers
Click on the Brother you want to know more about
Ed     Ray     Hans  

...or you can click on...Karen
Our Favorite Famous



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Drink your milk!!

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Drink your milk!!

TOAO's webshots

 verrytroses.gif    The Verryt Pix Page



Ray's Photo Page  
  Anne's Journey!!

  John's Band Pages:
Mile 41, The Grooves Web, Name, Theory Of Revolution (Listen here)

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